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Throughout our extensive, successful, twenty year history, we have provided specialist risk solutions for a wide variety of vessel types. We continue to take great care to meet the varied needs of our highly valued clientele, frequently innovating our approach to risk and tailoring our policy coverage. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, efficiency and the strong relationship we have developed with our partners through whom we continue to insure pleasurecraft throughout the world. Equally important has been our long and successful relationships with the many yacht insurance brokers who enable us to support our policyholders through each and every question and claim. The following sections provide brief summaries of our yacht insurance program, for more information please contact one of our underwriting team or claim team members.


  • Limits available from $100,000 USD to $10,000,000 USD

Coverage is available for full-time, part-time, contingent (relief) and trip crew members. Crew coverage is typically offered at a limit equal to the third party liability limit, but sub-limits of coverage are available.

A deductible of USD $2,500 is applied to the coverage offered for paid crew members.

Uninsured Boaters

Uninsured Boaters coverage is offered at no additional premium at a limit equal to the Hull Sum Insured or $100,000 USD, whichever is the greatest amount. This cover protects the insured against damage caused to their vessel by an unidentified person who has no realizable assets.

Vessel Types

We specialize in writing a wide range of vessels, including Motor Yachts, Cruisers, Motor Sailors, Trailer Craft, Sailboats, Catamaran, navigating Houseboats, Performance vessels and human powered craft.

We cannot write Trimaran, Ferrocement vessels, non-navigating vessels or performance racing Sailboats. We welcome all enquiries so please contact us if you have any questions at all.


We are proud to offer both Hull and Third Party Liability coverage on behalf of A Rated insurance providers, AM Best A- (Excellent). We also offer Excess Liability at limits up to $10,000,000 USD through various syndicates based in Lloyds of London and have a very strong relationship with the London marketplace.

Third Party Liability

  • Limits available from $100,000 USD to $10,000,000 USD

Third Party Liability coverage is available up to $10,000,000 USD for both private usage and commercial usage risks. Restrictions apply for vessels capable of speeds in excess of 55mph. Liability Only coverage is available for most risks upon request.

A deductible is required on required on liability coverage and this is offered at $500 USD for most Private Usage vessels and $2,500 USD for Commercial Usage vessels.

Hull and Machinery

  • Maximum Hull Limit: $3,000,000 USD

Hull coverage limits are agreed values based upon the purchase price of the vessel inclusive of engines, independent surveyor valuations and any further investment the applicant has made, subject to proof of investment. The Hull Sum Insured may be amended at any time during the policy period by endorsement, subject to evidence of an increase in value or depreciation in value of the vessel.

Hull deductibles are calculated based upon the age of the vessel. As standard, this deductible is doubled in the event of a Named or Numbered Windstorm.

Our Premier (or "new-for-old") Policy is available on vessels over ten years and most vessels under fifteen years of age.

Passenger Coverage

  • Limits available from $100,000 USD to $10,000,000 USD

Coverage for fare-paying passengers is available for all Captain Charter or Diveboat Charter risks. Typically, coverage is offered at the standard of six passengers, but limits can be tailored to any number of passengers, to suit your needs.

A deductible of $2,500 USD is applied to coverage offered for passengers.

Tenders and Trailers

  • Coverage to Tender sand Trailers is available up to $25,000 USD as standard

Tender coverage can be offered on any vessel that is capable of storing a tender onboard or where an underwriter approved professionally manufactured towing bridle is used and up to a limit of $50,000 USD. Trailer coverage can be offered on any vessel that is capable of being transported on a trailer specifically designed to be used in conjunction with that vessel and up to a limit of $25,000 USD.

Tender and Trailer coverage is subject to a deductible of ten percent of the sum insured or $100, whichever is the greater amount.

Medical Payments

  • Limits available are $2,500 USD, $5,000 USD, $10,000 USD, $25,000 USD or $50,000 USD

Medical Payments coverage is offered for third party injury, offered at various limits as stated above, subject to a deductible of $100 USD applied to each and every claim.

Medical Payments coverage does not provide coverage for policyholders, their spouses, family or other persons who reside with them.

Policy Types

We offer a wide range of policy types to meet the needs of a developing, progressive yacht market.

Private and Pleasure risks, Captain Charter risks, Bareboat Charter risks, Diveboat Charter risks, Business Entertainment risks, Boatels, Boat Club risks and Fleet risks.

If you have a risk that does not adhere to any of the above, please do still enquire with us and we will notify you if we can accommodate your risk, or offer advice as to a suitable marketplace.

Personal Effects

  • Limits available up to $25,000 USD as standard

Personal Effects coverage is available for any vessel upon request. It can be offered at a limit of $25,000 USD.

Personal Effects coverage is subject to a deductible of ten percent of the sum insured or $100, whichever is the greater amount.

We have a maximum value for any one time, pair or set of $1,000 USD – any item(s) of personal effects over this value should be disclosed to underwriters in order that we can approve the removal of the $1,000 USD limit for those specified items.

Towing Coverage

Non-Emergency Towing coverage is available at limits of $500 USD, $1,000 USD, $1,5000 USD and $2,500 USD, the limit of $500 USD is available at no additional premium. There is no deductible applicable to this coverage option.

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