Yacht Programme


Through our yacht programme we provide A-Rated security and a first class service. If you have any questions related to our programme you should contact our underwriting team. You can do this by emailing quote@special-risks.co.uk or by contacting a member of our team directly.

Below you will find details on our appetite, licensing requirements and also detail on coverage options, but the detailed contained herein is not exhaustive. You can also download our broker appetite guide that contains much of this information in pdf format.

Submission Requirements

In order for our underwriting team to review a new business submission and include windstorm coverage we will require the following documentation to be provided as part of your submission. Template forms can be found on our application form page.


Each of our insurance providers holds a minimum of an A- AM Best (Excellent) financial rating and full details of those carriers will be detailed on each and every quotation and policy issued by us.


Broker Licensing

Our yacht programme is offered on a surplus lines basis, meaning that any broker presenting risks for our consideration must be appropriately surplus lines licensed. We will require confirmation of your surplus lines license should we receive a request to bind coverage.

Risk Licensing

Our insurance providers are approved in all 50 US States and our yacht programme is available for US Risks. In order for a risk to be considered a US Risk it must meet one of the following criteria.

Coverage Limits

Below is a list of coverage options available within our yacht programme. Please note that not all options are available for all risks and are subject to underwriter review.

Windstorm Coverage

Windstorm coverage is available on most risks. Click here to view our windstorm tier system that provides details on when coverage for windstorm can be offered, with the exception of the following:


Our survey requirements aim to be flexible, an outline of our basic rules is below. In all cases we encourage discussion so that we might secure enough information to satisfy our needs without placing an excessive burden upon the insured. Surveys, with the exception of Self-Surveys must be performed by a professional surveyor accredited by a professional surveying organisation, such as SAMS or NAMS.

Vessel Type

We offer coverage on a wide range of vessels, as a broad guideline the following vessels can be covered:

There are a number of vessel types that we are not willing to offer coverage for, or where our coverage is limited:

Premier Yacht

Premier Yacht Policy coverage is available on all vessels up to ten years of age and for Motor Yachts, Sailboats and Catamarans this is extended to fifteen years. In most cases this will be subject to an additional premium. You can compare the differences between our standard yacht policy and premier yacht policy by clicking here.

Vessel Usage

Coverage is available on a wide range of recreational vessels, the usage must have a recreational element for us to be in a position to consider coverage. Below is a list of general types of usage that can be considered:

There are a number of different types of usage that we are not willing to provide coverage for:

Under the provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002, most recently extended in 2019 under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Programme Reauthorization Act, coverage is available for commercial risks. The coverage provided removes the exclusion for terrorism found within the policy language for an additional premium.


We are able to offer terms on fleets of vessels, where there are five or more vessels to be insured. The type of usage and type of vessels must meet our underwriting requirements and we require a Concept Special Risks Fleet Application Form and schedule of vessels to be provided for our consideration.

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