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Here at Concept Special Risks, we are acutely aware of the effect that climate change is having on the environment that we operate within; as a result of both the energy and the non-recyclable materials that we use, and the effect that plastics and other materials are having upon the marine environment. We are taking small steps to play our part in affecting and encouraging change for the benefit of all.

Single Use Plastics

One of the greatest threats to our shared environment, especially to the marine biosphere is the widespread use of single-use plastics. The staggering numbers of plastic products that reach the sea contribute to the contamination of fish stocks, the pollution of shared marine environments and destruction of marine life.

In the past we have sponsored provision of plastic water bottles at the Mariner’s Seminar in Fort Lauderdale, however this year we have decided to use recycled plastic in an effort to avoid propagation of single-use plastics. In the future we would like to find an alternative to plastic.

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Paperless Working

Over the last five years we have worked hard to ensure that in every possible practice, we use as little paper as possible. Our underwriting and claims departments now operate digitally with digitally produced documentation and storage. We are committed to saving space, power, paper and reducing our contribution of waste to the environment.

While drastically reducing the amount of paper waste that we generate, we have also taken measures to recycle the paper waste that we do create as far as possible in order to reduce the total physical and energy waste our company produces.

Concept Special Risks Ltd. Paperless

Renewable Energy

On site in our office in Leeds, we have installed solar panels to provide us with supplemental energy to reduce our reliance on electricity provided by non-renewable sources. Unfortunately considering the changeable nature of weather in the United Kingdom, and the limitations of current renewable technologies, we cannot generate all of our own energy using renewable sources, though this should be a future goal for all.

We also encourage hybrid electric company cars, which help to reduce chemical emissions damaging to the atmosphere.

Concept Special Risks Ltd. Paperless

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