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At Concept Special Risks Ltd. we seek to provide you with policy language and policy documentation that is easy to read and understand. We are aware that reading through lots of legal documentation can be a daunting experience and so our expert staff are on hand to talk you through any part of any documentation we use. It is vitally important that if you are not a qualified yacht insurance broker, that you consult with one to guide you through policy language, terms and conditions. You can find a list of yacht insurance brokers within our broker section and if you would like to contact us first you can either contact one of our team or email us. You will also find a pdf copy of our FATCA compliance documentation in the final section of this page.

Policy Language

Below is the policy language for our yacht program. There are two languages currently available for privately used yachts, these are SYP/22/PPO and PYP/22/PPO and two for commercial vessels SYP/22/COM and PYP/22/COM. The differences between our Standard Yacht Policy and Premier Yacht Policy is also provided below in pdf format.

Document Description Standard Document
Standard Private and Pleasure Yacht Policy (SYP/22/PPO) view
Standard Private and Pleasure Yacht Policy (SYP/8/PPO) view
Standard Commercial Yacht Policy (SYP/22/COM) view
Standard Commercial Yacht Policy (SYP/8/COM) view
Premier Private and Pleasure Yacht Policy (PYP/22/PPO) view
Premier Private and Pleasure Yacht Policy (PYP/5/PPO) view
Premier Commercial Yacht Policy (PYP/22/COM) view
Premier Commercial Yacht Policy (PYP/5/COM) view
Insuring Agreement Changes and Differences view
Standard Yacht Policy vs Premier Yacht Policy Comparison view

Policy Endorsement

Below is a selection of our most commonly requested policy endorsements. All risks quoted will be quoted with the most recent version of any endorsement shown and some endorsements are not available for certain risks. If you cannot see the document that you need please contact one of our team.

Document Description Standard Document
Additional Assured Endorsement (CSR/AAE/22-1) view
Business Use As Accommodation Endorsement (CSR/BAE/22-1) view
Bareboat Charter Endorsement (CSR/BCE/22-1) view
Caribbean Racing Endorsement (CSR/CRE/19-1) view
Colombia Exclusions and Warranties Endorsement (CSR/CEW/22-1) view
Recreational Dive Boat Endorsement (CSR/RDE/22-1) view
Recreational Dive Boat Endorsement (CSR/RDE/19-1) view
Marina Additional Assured Endorsement (CSR/MAE/22-1) view
Mortgagees Interest Endorsement (CSR/MIE/22-1) view
Racing Endorsement (CSR/RAE/22-1) view
Racing Endorsement (CSR/RAE/19-1) view
Theft Deductible Endorsement (CSR/TDE/22-1) view
Towing Endorsement (CSR/TOE/22-1) view
US Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 as Amended Endorsement (CSR/TRIA/22-1) view
Unrepaired Damage Valuation Endorsement (CSR/UDE/22-1) view

Document Template

Below are our document templates, including our range of new fillable application forms. These can be completed and emailed without the need to print. Look out for our new online applications, which will be available soon.

Document Description Standard Document
Yacht Application Form (CSR/APP/3) view
Named Windstorm Plan (CSR/NWP/23-2) view
Named Windstorm Plan (without Colour) (CSR/NWP/23-2) view
Survey Guidance view
Yacht Fleet Application Form view
Survey Compliance Form view
Extended Navigation Form view
Additional Operator Form view
Self Survey Form view
Captain Sign Off Form Survey Supplemental Form view
Bareboat Charter Supplemental Form view
Captain Charter Supplemental Form view
Paid Crew Supplemental Form view
Racing Supplemental Form view
Renewal Questionnaire view
Supplemental Form Bundle view
Charter Use Extension Form view
Liability Waiver and Release (CSR/WAV/23-1) view

Compliance Documentation

Below is a miscellaneous selection of documentation that is often requested by our clients.

Document Description Standard Document
FATCA Compliance Documentation view

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