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How We Are Working

With the now global distruption of the Coronavirus we have taken the decision that where possible our team should work remotely. Thankfully this is something that a number of people have been doing for some time and we hope that you will not notice any difference in our responsiveness. That said, if you experience a slightly longer than usual delay; we thank you for your patience.

Staying In Touch

It is going to be best in the short term to keep in touch with us on email. That said our phone system is unaffected and all of our team will be able to receive phone calls on their regular office numbers, so please feel free to give us a call if you need to. You can find all of our phone numbers and email addresses our team page.

If you have a general quote, bind, endorsement or a claim notification that you would like to get to send across to us, the best way to do this is to email one of our general inboxes. If you have been corresponding with a member of our team in relation to any of the aforementioned, please continue to correspond directly with them. Below is a list of our general email addresses for your reference:

Vessel Layup

Whether you have a private and pleasure only policy or a policy that permits you to undertake recreational charter, you may wish to "lay up" your vessel. We will consider a premium reduction for any vessel that is laid up and not in use for any full calendar month, the premium reduction is greater if the vessel is laid up on shore as opposed to remaining in the water.

If your vessel is scheduled to be laid up and you are concerned that you may be unable to comply with the requirement that is stated on your insurance policy, you should tell us as soon as possible by emailing:

Vessel Surveys

It is understandable that at the moment surveyor and haulout facilities are affected by the Coronavirus outbreak just like the rest of us. As a result it may be proving difficult to schedule a vessel condition and valuation survey. In the event that you are experiencing difficulties please contact us as soon as possible. It would be most helpful if you could:

  • Provide a copy of the most recent survey that you have.
  • Provide details of when the vessel was last hauled for maintenance, repair or upgrade.
  • Confirm whether the vessel is currently ashore or afloat and whether you intend to use it.
  • Any other information that will help us to understand the steps that you take to maintain the vessel.

Business Interruption Coverage

There is no provision within our Insuring Agreement to provide coverage for Losses caused by delay in repairs and/or loss of use and/or enjoyment of the Scheduled Vessel and/or its equipment as detailed within Exclusion to Coverage A, Item k). In the event that you are unable to use your vessel as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, you should let us know immmediately and we will be able to consider the vessel to be "laid up" and not in use. If the vessel will be "laid up" for any full month period we can usually offer a return of premium.

Policy Cancellation

The assured has the option to cancel their policy as per the Insuring Agreement (Section 9) and self-insure during this period. Please note however, that when restrictions are lifted you may experience a delay in our service as there is likely to be an influx of quotation requests to the underwriting team. There are also very clear dangers associated with self-insurance, you should contact your insurance broker to discuss these.

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