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Below is a brief overview of the history and evolution of Concept Special Risks Ltd., if you would like to ask us some more specific questions we would be happy to help. Why not contact a member of our team we are happy to help?


We can insure vessels almost anywhere in the world, look after the insurance needs of sport fishing enthusiasts in Central America, passionate day sailors in New England and recreational cruisers in Italy. Historically we have specialised in writing yacht and boat insurance business in the US and Caribbean regions, but we are also pleased to consider Canadian owners who travel outside of Canada to areas such as the USA, Central America, the South East Asia and Europe.


We have retained our core business, but have adjusted our forms and rating to make us equally as competitive for vessels not exposed to the perils of tropical windstorms as we are for those in the Caribbean and similar climes. We have historically insured many of the biggest fleets of charter vessels in the world and we have also re-modelled our program to offer first-class rates and security to fleet operators everywhere.


Throughout our long history we have insured a variety of different styles of vessel and have provided for the unique needs of our valued clients. From small runabout pleasure craft to larger sailboats, catamarans and motor yachts we have insured them privately, for bareboat charter usage, recreational passenger charter and sightseeing trips. We have extensive experience of insuring large charter fleet accounts and are familiar with their special requirements, frequently including innovative risk solutions and tailored policy coverages.


We have a proud history of insuring yachts and recreational boats for over twenty years. Initially, we were part of the TL Dallas Group of Companies and subsequently continued to provide yacht insurance services as part of the Osprey Group of Companies with whom we worked for five years. In 2013 we embarked on an expansion project forming the Concept Special Risks Group of Companies, which sought to maintain our traditional presence centrally within the recreational yacht insurance market but with a new expansion into other marine lines of business primarily within Continental Europe.

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